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You are an entrepreneur who feels to be running against a certain limit to what you can achieve in your business. You also want to be attracting opportunities more naturally instead of always checking your competition, performing campaigns that may or may not work or trying the latest 5-step process. Finally, you want to bring more authenticity in your business that will be the main thing to insure strong positioning and differentiation. This not only leads to more value power for your business offer, but also more freedom in all aspects of your life.

In my one on one four-month business coaching program, I combine the practical agile innovation strategy (the concept distilled from experience as a consultant in product and innovation management) with dreams that are part of your inner intelligence which can aid in finding the type of concept that is right for you.

What you will be getting from the program

  • You will already start seeing results in the first few weeks
  • You will learn how to apply business innovation mentality and strategy that always ensures strong differentiation and authenticity. You will move away from operational mode of maintaining business as usual and focus on the bigger themes.
  • Within four months you can learn how to use lucid dreaming in all aspects of your life, both business and personal. You can work with dreams when defining your vision, performing decisions, for weekly goal setting, even when doing a piece of writing or using this as a guidance when you get a bit stuck. Of all existing self-development techniques dreamwork propels you into transformations you never thought possible.
  • After the program has ended, we have five complimentary sessions within the coming year to see the further progress.

We know there are no quick steps to success in spite of what some online "do-it-yourself" programs tend to make us believe. However, it is possible to tap into our inner creativity to make strategic leaps in the development of our business. I don't believe in "one size fits all" as what works for one person or their business will not work for someone else. What I do know is that it is possible to literally dream your business into reality.

If you recognize yourself in this profile, we can plan a meeting to see if this program is right for you. You are welcome at my office in Amsterdam for a quick scan of your business over a cup of coffee. Alternatively, we can have a Zoom call if this is your preferred option. Use the contact form below or send an email to describing briefly your situation. The best is to include the company website as this is the good way for me to get to know your business and you can already get some useful tips during this non-binding conversation.

Remark: Your email is used exclusively for setting up the introductory appointment, exchanging information about the program and communication during coaching (if applicable). I do not send automatically generated emails.


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