The author's mission

The main underlying subject of my writing revolves around finding inner wisdom through perpetual interplay of creative experiences, intellectual processes, dreamwork, ancient lore and intuition. My overall vision is to use the power of the story as the main trigger for people to start exploring the subject of dreaming. The story speaks to our subconscious and triggers insights important for the reader. The dream is called a personal myth which is not to be overly analysed or broken down to pieces, it is just meant to be contemplated. The insight will often come when we don't expect it.

Creative daily work enhances dreaming as you carry that energy with you when you go to sleep


Writing and art taught me the authentic creative process. It cannot be forced by means of a fixed deadline, but it is also something that will finalise itself if one trusts the creative flow. Mixed media art is particularly liberating as what initially appears to be a slip can turn into an opportunity to create something new by adding an extra layer to it. This is the art of following the creative process and not planning for small steps, while keeping in mind the general idea about the story and the message to tell.

Marija Jevrosimovic 2022 All rights reserved
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